Cancer Insurance

Upon receiving the shocking news that you may have cancer, one of the first questions that comes to mind is, can you afford to pay for treatment needed to survive?

To ensure protection in the event of cancer diagnosis, it’s a good idea to purchase cancer insurance or view options your employer may offer via work benefits. This supplemental policy helps pay for diagnostic and treatment costs associated with the disease. This coverage picks up cancer treatment costs health insurance does not cover. Further, mammograms and colonoscopy exams are also included. Most other kinds of coverage offered by the cancer policy will not occur until diagnosis is official.

If you become ill with cancer and want to file a claim on your cancer policy, your physician must submit a few things. First, you need a copy of the diagnosis from your doctor for the insurance company. Then, give the insurance company a treatment plan for the form of cancer diagnosed. This allows the insurance company the chance to gauge what kind of claims to expect in the future. You will need any bills given by your doctor’s office or hospital for payment as well.

Because cancer requires ongoing treatment, you need to file several claims with the cancer policy through a doctor’s office or hospital to your primary insurance provider.

This policy will typically pay for the full costs of chemotherapy and radiation, where traditional health insurance will only pay for a certain percentage. These policies will also pay for scans to determine your progress and pay for overnight hotel stays in some cases.

Getting this policy is difficult however because no one wants to believe this could happen to them. However, if there comes a day when you have to face a cancer diagnosis, you will be thankful you thought ahead to protect yourself and family.