Community Cause

Helping Families Facing Medical Crisis

There are thousands of families in northeast Texas that are, at this moment, learning to cope with tragic disabilities or facing off against serious illnesses like cancer. Many of the families facing these tragedies are without the financial resources to handle them, and our agency is announcing an extended effort to help provide help, support, and encouragement to parents and children in the Collin County area that need a helping hand during a difficult time.

Assisting Parents and Children

The Fenwick Agency is a recognized Regional Ambassador for #AgentsofChange in the Dallas area, and our chosen cause is to help provide for parents and children that are struggling with life-changing or life-threatening disabilities and diseases. We will be working to ensure low income families in our area have access to resources that will assist in managing medical expenses, we want to provide creature comforts and quality of life enhancements for adults and children who are hospitalized, and we want to support research efforts into cutting edge treatments for the most difficult medical conditions families in our area are facing.

With all this to do, we can’t manage it alone. We need your help.

Help Us Spread the Word

We invite you to be part of our campaign by helping us share our commitment to this cause with other families in the area. When you invite a family member, co-worker, or friend to visit the Fenwick Agency, we can provide them with a free insurance consultation as well as more information on how they can join our effort to assist local families in medical crisis. As a thank you, we will make a contribution IN YOUR NAME to a local family support program for every person you send our way.

Join the Fenwick Family

It’s never been easier to be part of a group effort to help change the lives of families in our area for the better. We hope you will decide to be part of our team.


Peggy Fenwick

The Fenwick Agency

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